Wednesday, January 5, 2011

On linguistics and composing music

Several nights ago Emily was enjoying her weekly bath. As of late she has decided upon the occupation of "singer" for her grown up self. It is very important she practice and the bathroom offers great acoustics. So great, that we can actually hear her downstairs in the living room.

On this particular night she had made up a song in which the phrases "I've got the power" and "I'll give you the power" were repeated frequently.  When she finished up and came downstairs I complimented her powerful vocals.

J: I heard you singing up there. Did you make up that song yourself?
E: Yeah. Did you hear all of it?
J: I guess so.
E:Well did you hear the part about brrrunch (she said this with a rolled r)
J: Um, no, I did not. But what does brunch have to do with the power?
E: Oh, I just thought my song needed some Chinese in it and to me "brrrunch" sounds Chinese.

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