Tuesday, October 28, 2003


I got an e-mail from Ben today. I am so relieved. I haven't heard from him in months and I was about two seconds away from checking our local troops in Iraq board to make sure he hadn't deployed. Big sigh of relief. I think he's having a pretty crappy time of it though. I guess my paradise isn't for everyone. Can you imagine being sad in Hawaii. I think most of it stems from boredom. It must be hard living on an island you can completely cover in 6 hours. So far this week: new underpants and old friends. Off to a good start. :-)

Friday, October 24, 2003

New underpants!!

Okay so you all probably don't need to know this, but I have new underpants today!!! If you know one thing about me, know this: I get very excited about the littlest thing and must share with everyone. So I have new underpants. They are supergirl underroos!! You all remember underroos. Well now they make them for women. It's very exciting. So now you are all part of my happiness yay. Superhero unmentionables and a good day to you!J-

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

I guess its about time...

So it's been like a year or something since I last updated, so I figured it was about time. I'm so lazy, I just like to read about everyone else. I'm not up to a whole lot. Working and hanging and that's about it. Last night Jessica H. came over to eat my really salty fried chicken and watch Charlie's Angels Full Throttle. She's so cute because I tell her she does not need to bring anything but the movie, when she shows up she has the movie, wine, a case of beer, ice cream and mashed potatoes and a late birthday present. It's nice, but still I feel bad. We just had salty fried chicken and corn. Fun was had by all. Friday she and her fiance are coming over for kabobs, then we're ditching our men to go pick up some new hotties at the clubs. Actually, we just like to tease all the horny college boys with what they can't have (like there's not a million sex kittens at these clubs). I'm really looking forward to it. Saturday is another A&M game and Sunday is RenFest. Looks like it'll be a good weekend. I heard from Hava and am so so proud of her for interviews and royalty and whatnot. Good job! And, Evil Frank, I really feel ya on those crappy memorization tests. Someday we'll talk, because when I rule the world that will all change so your input may be important. Big fat freakin' tiaras and greasy tacos to everyone. J-

Monday, October 6, 2003


I had the very best weekend. Friday night Jesse and I met Amanda and Tifani at POETS for some pool and drinks. We ran into an old friend who we had thought dropped off the planet. Then we went to Denny's with Shannon. Most of us were more than just a little tipsy, and even though the waiter probably sees drunken people at 1:30am all the time, I'm sure he thought we were pretty wierd. Saturday I cleaned house and worked on my room. Then, the real fun began. I got all sexified and Amanda and Tif came to pick me up and we headed to Concepts, this badass techno club. We drank and danced and danced and drank until our legs couldn't function any more. Buttery Nipples and Cosmopolitans rule!!! I'm so glad there was a McDonalds open at 3:30 even if a cop followed us the entire way from the club. Needless to say, I was exhausted and my legs were killing me yesterday. It was so so worth it though. Now, I'm back to reality at my job doing travel vouchers and receipts. Oh well, it's really not that bad. Hopefully Hava and Trish will read this and decide that I am worth visiting and can show them a really really good time.Your party girl,J-

Thursday, October 2, 2003

Eat your heart out!!! I have tickets to the A&M vs UT game!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2003

A Working Girl

Well, here it is my third day working for A&M. I'm having fun, but let me tell you, it is not what I expected. After I was hired they sort of rearranged everyone's job description so I'm not exactly doing the job I interveiwed for. I'm sort of a glorified receptionist instead of a bookkeeper. It's a little odd. The people are all really nice except for a few catty students I ran into yesterday. Catty people are everywhere - what're ya gonna do? That's all I really have time for. I have to type travel vouchers now.Later,J-