Friday, March 28, 2003

What I hate most

I hate how judgmental I can be. I try to work on it, really I do. In fact I'm really down today because I voiced an opinion of the way Jesse does something and he got uber irritated. I've been holding it in for days, maybe even a few weeks. I just couldn't stand it anymore this morning. I tried to point it out very gently (no yelling, no unfair arguments - I'm infamous for both), but he said my tone and accusing phrases were "uncool." I don't like to fight with my husband, but he seems to think I pick arguments with him for fun all the time. Its just frustrating that I thought I was trying so hard and he didn't even notice my efforts - which means he didn't make a move toward compromise. Fighting sucks. Peaceful relationships to you all, JG

Wednesday, March 5, 2003

Sigh and smile

Some times you look around and sigh and smile. I'll tell you what beats it all. Sitting at your new old desk made out of a door from a barn, in your newly painted study listening to jazz. Reading lj to catch up with old friends who are happy at last. The cat in your lap, dog at your feet, and the only light comes from the red lava lamp. Thank God for being able to enjoy the small things. Sigh and smile. I miss you Hava. Had another episode with Kim. Let's make plans soon.