Tuesday, August 26, 2003


Today is Jesse's birthday. I am so so so so excited! I got him all these neat gifts and a fun, sexy little card. I just love shopping for gifts. I am the queen of finding the perfect gifts for people. You may all bow to me later. As soon as I get off work I'm gonna bake a cake and I got these cool little happy birthday candles to put on it. I hope today goes fast so the party can get started! I'm working myself into an even better mood just thinking about it.

Monday, August 25, 2003

you know, this weekend I met a guy who told me I was cynical. I don't think I'm cynical at all. Isn't that odd?
Well, I decided to update today because it has obviously been awhile, but I don't really have anything to tell about. I turned 21 last Sunday, but only 3 people of the 15 that promised showed up to help me celebrate and the restaurant kept running out of ingredients for the drinks so there was little drunkenness and some disappointment. but still a lot of laughing. Tomorrow Jesse turns 24 and we will eat Freebirds. You have not experienced eating until you have had a supermonster from Freebirds. I got him a ton of fun presents so I'm excited to see him open them all. Friday we leave for Cammie's wedding. What more exciting way to spend a Friday and the following Monday than in the car for 12 hours with your parents. Every time Jesse's mom calls I freak out b/c I an so afraid Danner will have passed and the funeral will be the same weekend as the wedding and I'll have to choose between my two families. Ugh. That's it. Now you know why I sort of found updating useless, but at least now everybody out there knows what's going on here. Later Days, J-

Sunday, August 10, 2003

It says it all

So you're cynical about love. All these journal entries that have been posted about nothing being permanent, not even love. Jesse's dad said it all. You see, Jesse's mom, Beth, has been in Missouri the last 2 months taking care of Danner as she slowly slips away. Yesterday, this tough as nails, Harley riding man told Jesse that he can't sleep in the bed he and Beth share. "...even though we don't really cuddle and touch when we sleep, I know she's not there. I can't hear her breathing and......it's just hollow." Twenty six years of marriage my friends and his room feels hollow if he can't hear her breathing at night. So take your cynicism and shove it!!! 26 years may not be forever, but it's good enough for me. That statement does not come from the mouth of someone using love as an empty means to prop up the wobbling coffee table of his relationship. It came from the mouth of someone who knows what it's like to really truly love someone. He's not withering away without her he just misses her. The point, to love someone is to want them more than you need them.

Wednesday, August 6, 2003


Nobody's updated since Monday!!! Don't you people know I am bored at work and need you to constantly keep me amused? Update dammit update!!!!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2003

Crazy for Crazy in Alabama

I love Melanie Griffith. I've always loved her, but now I'm crazy about her. Last night I engrossed myself with Crazy in Alabama. the character she played is nothing short of charming. I instantly loved the movie and Lucille (M.G.) Ooooo I would so love to be charming with a thick southern accent and moves that make men exclaim "what a woman" as I walk away. But aside from my new ideal, the movie was good. It had a good story and I think Antonio Bandares did an excellent job directing. Just Yummy. :-)