Tuesday, May 27, 2008


On the art of giving:
J: What do you want to get Freddie and B-Bob for their birthday?
E: Ummm, I think we should get them a kitten!
J: Oh Baby, you know what? We really can't get other people's kids live animals.
E: *gasp* Mama! We cannot give Freddie and B-Bob a dead kitten.
J: No! Of course not. I was thinking we would get them some toys.
E: Yeah!...Or a turtle!

On homemaking:
J: Baby, isn't this ice cream good? Did you know Aunt Donna made this from scratch? She didn't just buy it at the store.
E: Aunt Donna? Dis ice cream is good. Did you buy it or did you make it from scabbity?

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Can I be a kid again?

I just got back from Virginia Beach with that boy I love. As is typical with vacations it was all over way to soon, but not for all they typical reasons. Okay, mostly just because time with Ben is always too short. Virginia Beach is otherwise not my cup of tea. This is problematic. When I graduate in May the plan was to move up there and in with Ben. But now....ewwww. Ben will be gone for six months at a time leaving Emily and I all alone in a place where we know no-one and like very little. I'm just not sure the love of one boy is enough to make that kind of change. We talked about it a little and it pretty much comes down to "we'll wait and see." Once we know his deployment schedule and the availability of jobs we'll have a better idea about what we really want. In truth though, being a grown up kind of sucks and I'd like to be a kid again.