Tuesday, October 21, 2008


On culinary diversity:
"Mommy, that cake did not taste good to me. It had too much German in it." ~ Emily in reference to Donna's German cake, but I'm pretty sure she was talking about the coconut.

On capitalism:
E: Mommy, where do you have to go after you drop me off?
J: To work, then school. E: Why do you have to go to so many places?
J: Because going to work and to school help teach me to be a better person.
E: Are you sure it is not so you can make money because that would make more sense.

On transitions:
E: After Aunt Donna's where are we going to live?
J: We are going to move in with Ben
E: Oh boy! For how long?
J: I'm angling for forever
E: Cool! How many nights is that?