Tuesday, October 27, 2009


On never guessing the age of a woman:
E: Mommy, I have been in kindergarten for a really long time.
J: Yeah...a couple of months.
E. Actually, it's been two months.
J: Right. Two. So do you feel old and wise now?
E: No, Mom! I'm not 50,000 years old like you!

Monday, October 26, 2009


On monogamy:
My mom has two husbands! My daddy and Ben.

On the need for more after-school specials:
E: Can Emma come to the Halloween party with us?
J: What Halloween party, baby?
E: You know, when we dress up and we go...and we dress up...you know!
J: No, I'm sorry sweetie, I don't know what you're talking about.

We interrupt your regularly scheduled Emi-isms for a brief explanation: Emily is a little confused as of late about marriage. I have had a time explaining that I am no longer married to her daddy. As she is rather fond of her dad, Emily cannot understand why I would ever make such a decision. She loves Ben, though, so I guess that keeps her from being too upset. In any case, she has been telling anyone who will listen that I am married to two men. Her daycare finds this amusing. THEN she shouted that sentence about hitting the streets
, which was a reference to trick-or-treating by the way, in the hallway of said daycare. About 12 people poked their heads out of classroom doors and, when they saw it was Emily, did not even bother to stifle their giggles. What must those people think of me?

On bending the lines between reality and fantasy:
Aunt Sarah, let's play shopping. I have a pretend shopping cart for real. I really do.

Monday, October 19, 2009

What's that girlscout song?

Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other's gold.
Yeah yeah yeah; I'm cheesy. You people knew that long before you started reading my blog. Cheesy or otherwise, I definitely made a new friend this weekend. How excited am I to be bonding with someone in VA?! Yea me. I met Cat last week at an FRG meeting and loved the way she was ready to start making plans to hang out. Saturday we went to Kangaroo Jac's with our kiddos and then Sunday she and her son came over for dinner. For a nine-year-old boy, Kehli is a pretty cool kid. But Cat, is AWESOME. We spent the evening pouring out all those things that make our lives so bitterly preciously our own. I think that is something only girls do. I guess I'm supposed to be a woman now that I'm 27, but sometimes being a girl again is just what I need.
In keeping with the above-referenced silver and gold, Sarah is coming to town today! Em is bouncing off the walls and I am about ready to burst. Cat, Sarah, and I are totally going to return to girlhood in a big way on Saturday. We're planning to kick off our night on the town with an afternoon of clothes--swapping, hair-doing, make up tip fun. Weee! I'll be missing a few of my girls during Saturday's return to teen-ness (I'll send girly, sweet sixteen thoughts your way Laura and Hava), but it will be so very very nice to go out with the girls.
By the way, did you notice I figured out how to put a link in my post. How tech savy am I these days!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Playing Tooth Fairy

My baby, my BABY, lost her first tooth last night at dinner. She was DE-LIGHTED. There was, in fact, some dancing about. I have no idea where she gets these urges to dance in celebration. Ben promptly dialed the Tooth Fairy to report the newly detached member. Then we packed Emily off to bed with a Tooth Fairy story and placed her tooth in a small purple velvet pouch under her "E" pillow. Last night the Tooth Fairy (ahem, Mom) did her diligent duty and replaced the shiny white tooth with two shiny silver quarters. This morning when I woke Em up she held my face in her hands and whispered delightedly, "Last night I saw the tooth fairy! She looks like a little mouse."