Tuesday, January 4, 2011

SpringHill Suites

Okay, first things first. Neither SpringHill Suites nor the Marriott chain of hotels has a clue who I am or that I have a blog. Therefore, none of the following post is in any way sponsored by the hotel or its parent entity. 

This year, for our annual holiday trip to Texas, Emily and I decided to drive. We thought it would be a great mother-daughter adventure. We were wrong.  It was a loooong, tedious, stressful drive. There were some great bonding moments, but I will wait at least a year before opting to do that again. Sheesh!

We ended the first leg in Tallahassee, FL (our state capitol) where I had booked a room at the SpringHill Suites. Best. Decision. Ever! I booked this particular hotel on account of its decor. Perfect reason to select one hotel over any other, right? See, Emily has adopted blue as her latest new favorite color so when I saw photos of this place on the Marriott website I knew she'd be thrilled. I was so totally right.

About twenty seconds after entering our room, Emily threw herself onto the aqua sectional.
I'd like to go on a tangent here for a second and have you note the sundress my kid is wearing here.  That's right; in Florida it is warm enough on December 17 to merit the wearing of a sundress. Are you jealous or what? But we were discussing the hotel...

The rooms are way cool. The "lounging" area is separated from the sleeping area by a built in desk and frosted glass wall. The "wall" is lit and can slide open to open up the space even more.  Genius!
My pictures are not stellar so be sure to go to their website for better photos since I can't seem to save their photos and post them here.

The super savvy feature of this room is the bathroom. The toilet and the shower are in separate rooms! This has got to be the most family-friendly amenity at any hotel ever! If I am taking one of my famously lengthy showers no one has to wait until I'm done in order to use the toilet! The toilet room has its own little pedestal sine and mirror too so, if needed, Ben could shave while I was putting on my makeup and generally hogging the vanity area in the shower room.  So cool!
Check out this awesome, backlit mirror in the shower room.

The king-size bed was amazing. The large beds were part of our mother-daughter adventure plans.  Em loves co-sleeping.  Mostly because she thinks she sleeps better when someone lays with her.  In reality, she sleeps about the same and I get totally beat up. But the beds was really nice and we got plenty of use out of it. Here, Em has spread out the supplies for her Christmas gift to her stepmother.
Besides crafting area, the bed also served as, of course, a place to sleep, and an energy depleter. In anticipation of nine hours in the car I totally let my kid jump on the bed for like 30 minutes. Shhh, don't tell the hotel. On another side note, see the bench in the background of the photo above?  So smart! It is built over the AC unit to add extra seating or an space to put your luggage.  Way to reclaim wasted space, SpringHill!

The next morning we had a short photo shoot in the cool, curtained lobby.

Who's mommy's little ham? Oh, and check out here leopard print ballet flats.  Yup, that's my girl.

And finally, I couldn't resist taking a photo of this light fixture. Would you call it a chandelier?

I am definitely going to file away some of these photos for future reference. Someday I'll have my very own house to decorate and light.

Thanks for indulging my very long commercial blog post about our hotel stay.  Emily and I just really really liked it there. It is now Never A Plain Jane certified.

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