Wednesday, November 12, 2003


So I guess I had expected that once the worst thing that could be said was said and the worst thing that could be done was done, it could only get better. I was wrong. I found another worst. I can't find a best. The decision is all mine and I am so unequipped to make take the blame. Still mostly a child. The lack of emotion is more overwhelming than the emotion would have been. Imagine my surprise. Sometimes I want to laugh. Sometimes I can't breathe. The tears are dry and exhaustion has set in. And now that this is done and I've prepared myself to deal with it, I wonder if I can force myself to go through the ripping pain of undoing.

Thursday, November 6, 2003

Yay for having a life!

I went to my first A&M volleyball game last night. It rocked. I sat in the student section and tried (let me emphasize the "tried") to do the yells and stood the whole time and tried (again with emphasis) to follow the game and had the absolute best time. I even ran into Duane who is an old good friend that I'd sort of lost touch with. Is it weird that the teams score whenever the other team makes a mistake? Okay, well I think it's weird, but I also wonder if our football team would play better if the other team scored each time we made a mistake. Hmmm. Tonight I am (hopefully) going to learn how to two-step. I really wanna take lessons from the Wranglers but I haven't found a partner yet and you have to have one to take the class. Oh well. In past news, good times with Hava and Michelle this weekend. It was so nice to have a little visit. But, what's up with Tricia!? Are you busy sweetie? You haven't updated since September! That's like forever. I still love you though. A volleyball and cowboy week for everyone, J-