Friday, April 13, 2007

An Emi post for Clare to appreciate

At a recent softball game Emily found herself quite bored. I'm pretty sure all that standing around made it hard for her to understand how exactly this qualified as a sporting event. We fixed that by heading downstairs and then "racing" back and forth for a fe innings. When she was finally ready to return to the game the war hymn began. Emily got all excited and informed me that "dis is when we all dance!" Okay, so Aggies call this sawing and regular people call this swaying, but Emily? Emily says it is time to dance!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

She's not wrong...

Last Thursday Emily and I had our weekly dinner with Donna Rea. Donna has been a friend of my family for 50 years and I think her parents were friends with my family for a few decades before she was even in the picture. After dinner Donna asked Emily if she wanted some ice cream. Well duh, Donna, she's my kid isn't she? Emily answered with "Yeah." Ugh. I've been working on this "yeah" business for an eternity. Knowing this, Donna prompted Em "If you want ice cream you say what?" The response? "Ice cream." "Yes, but you say what?" And my oh so clever child answered just as she had been asked to: "What." My poor hostess, face contorted from withheld laughter, took one last attempt. "Emily," she implored. "What is the magic word?" Ah ha! Emily's little face lit up and I could just see the neurons firing. She smiled and, with complete confidence, finally announced "Hocus Pocus!" We gave her two scoops.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

What I've learned this week...

...from Ben: It's hard making it through life trying to find humility so you can deal with one aspect and pride to deal with another. ( I think this might be the actual secret to life).

from work: There is absolutely no reason to name a gas station "Cum and Go Gas!" That is just WRONG!

from Buffy: It is good to have a policy against killing human beings, but it is also good to be flexible.

from snack food: 1. Even if you are sweet, not everyone will like you. 2. Cocoa flavored peeps taste even more chocolatey a day after the package has been opened than they did when the package is first opened and that knowledge is all one really needs to make it through the day!

Monday, April 2, 2007

Early Easter with Emily

On the weather: "Mama! Iss tha wonder!" Not thunder, but tha wonder.
On Disney movie releases: "When are we gonna watch Peanut butter Pants?" Not Peter Pan, but Peanut butter Pants.
On hiding Easter eggs: "Look Mama! I hid one here and one on your car and one on Gramma's car..."