Monday, January 10, 2011

Adventures in Decorating: Emily's Bathroom

I'm trying hard to stick to my resolution of One thing at a time, or if you like, finish what I start before starting something else. So even though I want to do more in the Family Room and Emily's Bedroom I'm leaving them alone for now because they are in a state of "done for now." Before Christmas I started on Em's bathroom so that is the one thing I must handle at this time. And it needs it.

Ben took these photos when he signed the lease.
 That cabinet thing was relocated to the garage during week one of our lease. In its place are some nice holes.  Some holes held screws that supported the cabinet.  Some holes were there to give the cabinet something to hide.
There are some pros here. First, there is a window that is frosted for privacy and opens for ventilation. Can I get a shout out for my good friend Natural Light?  Second, the showerhead rocks and the tile shelves in the shower are great. And that is pretty much it for the pros.

And now the cons.  Some things we can fix, but a few we have to leave alone. Keeping that in mind, here's my plan.

1. Remove wallpaper. Duh. It was actually already peeling so something was going to have to be done whether we liked the wallpaper or not.  We did not.

2. Paint.  You can see a few dark gray paint samples on the wall. Those were Emily's choice and, at first, I was willing to go with it. Now, I'm a little nervous about using such a dark color in a bathroom that isn't actually ours.  I think I'll go with a more dove gray or pearl gray in the hopes that it brings out the gray in the greige tiles. I also want to repaint the ceiling shower in a bright white.

3. More paint. This time on the vanity.
That sucker is nasty. Ben is skeptical about being able to strip and repaint it successfully but I'm pretty insistent on account of the overwhelming grodiness.
I have more plans. Way more. But these three steps will take awhile, and I'm still trying to tackle that whole "one thing at a time" beast. I'm hoping to rope Sarah into contributing some manual labor when she visits next weekend because I'm a really classy hostess like that.

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