Monday, November 8, 2010

Once Upon A Time

a guest post by Emily Dawn Gatlin

Once upon a time there was a puppy, a real puppy, and she liked to give rides to little horses. But she did not know if there were horses that liked puppy rides. So she climbed onto a rock and barked. The unicorns could hear her and the horses could hear and understand her. But there was only one little horse who liked to ride puppies. The puppy went to the edge of a hill and looked down, down down. And she slipped into Unicornhorseland. She found the little horse and the horse liked the puppy. "Do you like puppy rides?" asked the puppy and the horse said "yes." And so the puppy took her for a ride and she said to the little horse "You are amazing." The was surprised that the puppy was the only animal to like the horse.

The end.

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