Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Hello Baby,
I just wanted to write to let you know how much I love you. You turned three this month, which you proudly tell people by silently holding up the "okay" sign; three fingers up while your thumb and forefinger make a little circle.

The bitter sweet moments are just piling up. The other day you "helped" me do laundry. Your job description is very specific, and includes the handling of all laundry money. On laundry day you insist on wearing clothing with pockets so you can safely stow the $1.50 in quarters. Once all clothes are loaded into the washer or dryer as is appropriate to their sequence in the laundering cycle, you also put the quarters in the machine. Not even a year ago I only pretended to let you put money in the machine because your little fingers and eyes could not line up the quarter and the ridiculously narrow slot. Seriously, do those slots really need to be that small? Once upon a time a person could just lay the quarters into a quarter sized indention on a little tray and then slide the tray into the money-hungry machine. In any case, on Saturday all I had to do was hold you at the right height for putting change in the machines. You did all the rest yourself. You took your three quarters out of your pocket with your right hand and shifted them all to your left hand. Then you took one coin at a time back in your right hand and slid it cleanly into the slot. Just like that. Just like a real big girl. Sometimes I call you Baby and you defiantly insist that you are not a baby but a big girl. I think you are right.
Love, Mama

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