Wednesday, July 25, 2007

It's a good thing he's pretty

Ben called last night. Now I want to laugh because we talk every night but that opening makes it sound like he called me after some long lapse. Anyway, here is why I love Ben: Apparently, he made au gratin potatoes from a box a few days ago. We both agree that the box potatoes are inordinately salty. Subsequent to making the potatoes he made some sort of meat and, after tasting them, realized that the potatoes were not quite done. When the meat was finished he put the potatoes back in to finish cooking. Last night he opened the oven to make something else that requires an oven and discovered that he had not ever actually removed the potatoes from the oven. Contrary to his previous belief, cooking dairy products does not alter the time it takes for them to go bad. There was some gagging and plate scraping and me dissolving into giggles because my boy is not perfect. Isn't that just, well, perfect?

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