Monday, October 30, 2006


Proud laughter is brought on by conversations like the following:
H: Look Emily, that's an iguana. It's a type of lizard.
E: No! It is not a lizard.
H: Yeah, it's a lizard.
E: No Aunt Hafa, it is NOT a lizard. It is a agililata.

and later...

R:Emily! What sound does a leopard make?
Emily, just looks at Ryan with a puzzled and slightly disdainful face.
J: Emi, a leopard makes a sound like a Lion: Rrrrar!
E: No! It is not a lion! (said rather shrilly and with a slap to the fence)
J: That's right baby, it is a leopard
E: No! It is NOT a leopard! (more angrily still and with another punctuating slap to the fence)
J: Okay sweetie, then what is it?
E: It is a key cat and it says meow meow. (quite calmly)

On the other hand, sad sighs of happiness occur when one checks on her toddler and realizes she has covered herself with her comforter sometime in the middle of the night. My baby is becoming self-sufficient!

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