Monday, October 30, 2006

Well, your faith was strong but you needed proof

I am not even sure where to start. I guess Friday would work. That is indeed the day I got my NEW CAR! Yay me. It is a Dodge Stratus and Mommy bought it for me. I feel like a complete and total spoiled brat, but a very grateful and happy one. My car was all but useless and now I have a four-door and can finally split my insurance from Jesse. However, since I had planned on my car being in the shop I asked my folks to keep Em for the night and they did. I tidies and did some schoolwork and then explored exactly how weak my resolve is. It's weak. Way weak. I had an oldish friend give me a ring on Thursday so I invited him to watch a flick Friday. We spent time catching up and by time I mean all night and we caught up so well that I'm right back where I was with him in April. Great. I don't know how he does this to me. Additionally I am no longer sure if I do this because I have low self esteem and think I need it or if I just use low self-esteem as an excuse to do this. It's awful and there is always this kind of aftermath. It's like, he doesn't make me a priority so when he chooses to bestow time on me I always feel so much more important and I am willing to drop everything. Really, this is a head in my hands moment, but it is a mistake I enjoy making again and again because the during is so damn fun.And then Saturday came. Saturday came along with the paperwork for my new car *squeeeeal* And then I took my car for a little jaunt to Texas City to see HAVA AND RYAN! EMily and I had such a good time seeing H and R and then Tracy and Zane came and Kathy was there. Emily went to bed and slept way better than last time. I got to indulge in a little girl talk and a little bitching and being catty and just being a girl! Kathy brought great wine. (Oh that reminds me, Hava, can she reccommend some good reds? Ben is coming in December and I want to start stocking up now.) It was great. It was also great that Ban called while I was there. Apparently I make a "talking to Ben" face. Oops. Tracy totally let me Mary Kay her on Sunday. And Julie came over with her new sparkly (yay Julie and Blake!). Then it was the zoo, which was sooo crowded. But the drive there with Julie and Hava and a sleeping Emily was so nice. The weather was beautiful, the company was good...I hated to leave.But leave I did. I got back home and picked up some dinner for me and the kiddo. We ate, got Emily bathed and fell asleep watching Lady and the Tramp. Monday got here entirely too soon. *sigh* So now the week is here and I am exhausted, but such is life. At least I've been in a good mood. I was giggling yesterday because there were about 1000 elementary school kids on campus. They were so cute in their little lines holding hands ans they wandered around all timid or boisterous. And I don't want to hear comments from anyone on just being excited that there were folk on campus my height because almost all of them were shorter than me, especially the first graders. If I can finagle things with Jesse, I can do Thanksgiving with Hava and Ryan, which would be soooo nice. Yay holiday season!On a side note: I do NOT strut!

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