Sunday, September 10, 2006

I guess I'm one more girl on the stage Just one more ass that got stuffed in some jeans

Last night I went to Northgate by myself. No one had called and I just couldn't be home by myself anymore so I took a deep breath and headed out to be by myself in public. It wasn't a bad time. I was, however, accused of being a gold-digger. Excuse me a second while I scoff. If you buy me one drink and I refuse to let you kiss me that does not make me a gold-digger. Furthermore, if that's the type of thing I was on the hunt for I would have to rather cynically point out that me chasing money while out on the town is going result in something that does me more good than what you will get out of chasing my ass. Why don't you try the wallflower instead? You'll find little genuineness hiding in the smoke of a bar my dear.

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