Friday, September 15, 2006

And suddenly I become a part of your past. I'm becoming the part that don't last

My mood has certainly been indescribable as of late. I'm not necessarily in a bad mood, but I haven't been myself either. I feel almost like I'm harder somehow. But then again, I am not. Currently there is definitely a sore spot where my friends are concerened. They all seem to be fading away leaving a sort of empty spot with tender edges. People treat their friends as if they are disposable. Move on to the next good time. It all leaves me feeling like I am not where the good time is. Where were all the people who kept me constantly busy in the beginning? Do they think that I'm supposed to be all better now? Like everything is fine after a few months? What happened to the phone calls and the stopping by or letting me cook you dinner? Where are those invites to ride with you on deliveries or watch movies late at night? Just because I don't need you like I used to doesn't mean that I don't need those things at all...But you know, as much as that bothers me, that is still not the whole of the problem. Everybody is scattering. Galveston, DC, Denton, Houston. Sheila left for Thailand. I want the very best for my friends, but I do miss them terribly. I just feel like an impression and nothing more. I'm still here. Don't forget about lil ol' me...

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