Saturday, June 10, 2006

I'm okay

No really. I'm okay. I had a fantastic day working another wedding. I caught myself saying "When I get married again..." which is an amazing statement. I had already said I'd never get married again. I may throw "never" out of my vocabulary. I find myself dreaming about all sorts of things: moving away, getting my degree, having a business...It's weird, all the nevers that are slowly disappearing. And you know what, I'm happy in those dreams. I think I might be happy now. Is this what happy feels like? I smile just because. That's so not me. It might seem like something I would do, but it really isn't something I've done for awhile. And normally I'd feel bad going on and on about me, but these past few days, I've been okay with that. I'm okay with the idea that I have pretty eyes and a not so bad figure and great legs. I'm okay with thinking I might be smart enough and actually kind of talented. I'm even considering that there are some things that I am better than. Crazy, I know. You know what though, someday I'm going to be a great catch for someone. I'm going to be that girl who turned a head, the one who stood out. Someday I'll deserve that again. Someday, I'll know that I deserve that. So for now, I'm okay. And that's a good thing.

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