Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Thorn in my side

All in all today was a good day. You'd think I'd just focus on that. This morning I stayed in bed a good hour after the alarm went off just enjoying being in bed . Got a contract on my house today which rocks! I picked up Emily from school and she ran to me squealing with excitement and started rattling off all sorts of gibberish that I can only assume were in reference to her weekend. All in all, a very good day. But then there is that thorn. Jesse sent me an e-mail and then, in typical form, called me a few minutes later when i didn't respond. I told him I had just gotten done with the doctor and was just now getting a chance to reply. SO he asked why I went to the doctor. Really, I guess I could point out that it is none of his business, but I simply stated that I'd had trouble sleeping and has lost a bit of weight in the last few months and I'd had the feeling of a defective typewriter since February and just wanted to get it all looked at so I don't have some sort of physical breakdown. So what does he ask? "Are you pregnant?"That's right you asshole. I must be pregnant. And, since we have not copulated in more than 3 months,obviously the whore you married must have needed to get laid as fast as she could. Screw the fact that I wasn't EVER good enough for you. Now that I'm single(ish) in a town of several thousand attractive, available co-eds between the ages of 18 and 25 I am the best piece of ass to be found in the Brazos Valley. In fact I was with a different guy each day that you've been gone and believe me when I say they desire me like no other woman has ever been desired. I can't get enough.I just can't believe how mad he makes me. I really value this guy's opinion. I am forever and ever connected to him and he thinks I'm just ready to pick up and sleep with anything that'll throw a little attention my way and that I'm stupid enough to do it unprotected. That really hurts Jesse. Is that really the type of woman you think I am after all these years? Is that really the type of woman you want to take care of your kid? My God, I'm just stressed and trying to keep it covered, but you think I must be pregnant.Not that my day was ruined, but I hate getting that mad. It just bothers me.

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