Sunday, May 21, 2006

Starting the morning w/ a daydream

I love it when you rediscover something you forgot you loved. I love kisses on the forehead. I love all kinds of kisses (who doesn't?) and I definitely couldn't just pick one to live with forever and give up all the rest, but I had forgotten how great kisses on the forehead are. Really, they are the only kiss that says "I care." It is hard to change the meaning of a forehead kiss. You can kiss a person on the cheek casually in greeting or good-bye, but with a pouty lip and slow approach you can say I want you with the same kiss. We all know how a kiss on the mouth can be anything: casual, intimate, flirty, inviting, hungry... Kisses on the neck range from playful to sensual, as do any type of body kisses really. But kisses on the forehead are steadfast. The delivery can still be backed by emotion, it can be rough, or oh so gently placed, but it still simply states that the bestower cares. I LOVE forehead kisses.

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