Tuesday, May 16, 2006

ending the day

Notice all the updating I do these days? Weird huh? Because I really shouldn't be finding the time to post. I don't get it either. Here I am again though ready to tout another "major" accomplishment in my life. This would be my trip to the park all by myself. My friend Jessica tells me I HAVE to learn to do stuff by myself. Ick. I dislike the company and when I'm by myself I generally obsess about what I must've done so wrong that nobody wanted to come with me. It's sad and pathetic, but my nature nonetheless. Today, however, after three failed attempts to secure company to the park I packed my book and blanket and went.Today was the PERFECT day for the park. I would say the day was mellow...mmm, no. Mellow doesn't fit. The year is too young to feel ripe. I can't find a word. It was like the day woke up and put on her favorite sundress just because she liked the way it swished when she spun around. After being stuck inside all day save lunch I HAD to be out. So I took myself and my book to the park. I really am fond of Research Park. I'm sure it isn't anything outstanding as far as little city parks go, but it is just green and fresh and always holds happy times. And today all the shades of kelly, forest, hunter, citron and chartreuse danced in each other's shadows while the dogs, ducks and people played and Janice read her book. Now you might think the best part was lying in the waning 6:00 sun reading and smelling all the grass-tree-pond smells. You'd be mistaken. Although I loved the smells and I ADORE my book. I suppose the thing to know is that I am a whimsical girl (ooo, whimsical is how the day was. yes! whimsical- spinning in her sundress)and this book just stirs all that up. So at one point after I'd read, dozed off and read some more, I looked up just in time to see this tree catch fire. All of it's little light green leaves had been quivering in the wind when suddenly the sun took a fatal dip behind it and the whole thing turned a brilliant sparkling onyx. The glittering red sky cut the branches into sharp relief and made the leaves reveal rigid patterns of symbols long lost to people. Then some other tree bravely stood between my tree and the setting sun releasing it. So my little tree settled for the night, it's leaves now singed to a much deeper moss color. I let go of my breath, looked around,and realized the setting sun had signaled that bewitching hour for couples that we call twilight and I was no longer welcome at the park with my solitude.So now I about to curl up with a cheesy girly movie and some oreos. Eat your heart out Jessica Hazen cause I did it.

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