Wednesday, May 31, 2006

2nd Day, rain and other general stuff

I LOVE SCHOOL! Why didn't I do this sooner? It's like waking up and I adore it. Marketing is fun fun fun and my prof (I have a prof...*squeal*!) has already made a couple of references to sociology tie-ins. I'm excited about the rest of the summer. I definitely had to walk to class in the rain today due to a stopped train. It wasn't really that bad and I'm in a good enough mood that everything is funny. The great part was the shooting pains from my little toe. How does such a tiny thing cause so much pain? I think I need to tone down the solo dancing in the living room when I am home alone. Last night I ballet(ish) dancing to some fantastically '90s song when my body spun one way and the little toe on my right foot stayed put. There was this snap and I was like "well that's gonna hurt tomorrow." And it does. But only after walking across campus in high heels (because I'm a genius). It is also this amazing combination of red and purple. Lovely (but really funny).

Best part of the rain is romance (I've decided once again). Yes, kisses in the rain are good and cuddling during the rain is great...but here's one a little better: having a conversation under an umbrella. You have to stand like 6 inches apart. Not that this is a particular experience of mine, but I saw it today while walking across campus and it made me kind of fluttery inside. It was just intimate in an indescribable way. I love seeing sweetness like that at random. It's like art - a little tableaux to be interpreted by the viewer.

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