Sunday, June 4, 2006

juxtaposition makes the life worth living and other randomness

Another wedding under my belt. I was mostly the ribbon girl this time. Yay, for me who ties pretty bows. The entire floral scheme for the wedding was completely out of the box and I adore that! I just wanted to spend the day soaking up how to make beautiful things people had never seen before. The reception site was AMAZING! It was at Downtown 202 which is this fantastically old building. All of the outer walls are brick and the floors are wooden and the ceiling is high with exposed duct work - it's fantastically distressed. BUT THEN...sparkling chandeliers and candlelight and chocolate brown satin table cloths. There were huge glass vases full of twisted willow branches and orchids suspended in little glass globes, ballet slippers overflowing with roses and hydrangea on the buffet. The absolute, take my breath away best part: the favors were little brown paper fortune tellers. Do you remember fortune tellers from elementary school. You folded a piece of notebook paper in a particularly knacky way and then wrote like numbers on the outside and colors on the inside and then lifted the little flap to write a fortune. Well these people had their names and wedding date on the outside and wedding words on the inside and wedding related instructions on the little flap like "dance the night away" and "live happily ever after." I was blown away at the whimsy.Amy totally overshot how long she'd need me yesterday so I was out of there close to 7. I headed straight to Wolfpen (ridiculously overdressed) to see Cowboy Mouth. Sarah came. Yay Sarah! It was a good time and the boys seemed to like my girl so I was happy. And then (oops) we agreed to ride over to Northgate with the boys. Any other night I probably would have had a blast, but after about 10 minutes I realized that I was exhausted and wanted to leave. Not so much for our ride. Sarah and I were quickly deserted for better tail and left to our own devices. I called everyone who could plausibly bail us out. Oddly (well not really), they were all on Northgate save one and I have no clue where he was (my guess is sleeping and I hesitated to call for that very reason). So we then proceeded to walk all over Northgate running into the various people I had called. I wish I hadn't been tired Miss Crabby Pants, because I would have otherwise had a fantastic time. Sarah's a fun girl and everyone we saw were fun people. Oh well. Lesson learned - take your own damn car to Northgate. Luckily Jim let us highjack his truck and play a round of pick up all the cars. I came home and went straight to bed and I assume the rest of the world drank on through. I'll be less of a party pooper some other day and try not to regret how unable to enjoy myself I was last night.And now I am off to shower and go to work (Athletics) and then do some Mary Kay and then softball with the firefighters. Evidently I am supposed to wear a short black skirt to this softball game. Yeah, I don't have one...poor firefighters will have to make due with khaki shorts. Although, they are supposedly wearing our assigned uniform so I'll see if I can't pull something together to oblige the boys . Maybe I'll just leave that to some of my teammates.

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