Monday, April 10, 2006

Please don't

Please don't ask me if there have been any changes, I cannot keep up anymore...there are always changes, none have been good.Please don't be too specific or generous in your compliments, I won't be gracious in accepting them.Even if you are a nice old man please don't stop mid sentence during your conversation with someone else to comment that my eyes are the most beautiful you've seen, due to the previous bestower of said compliment they will well up and completely ruin my mascara.Please don't be too nice, I'll be too grateful and you'll regret how much I lean on you later.Please don't inform me now of some obscure crush you had on me in high school, high school has been over for some time now.Please don't say things like "I thought I'd missed my chance."Please don't let me play constantly with the callous on the inside of my finger.Please don't ask when I will start dating again and really don't ask when he'll start dating again or if he already is.Please don't pity me, I do not have time to break down at the sight of your sympathetic look.I promise I'll be okay. I promise I will let you know when I finally break down, I will need you there and want you there.

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