Thursday, January 5, 2006

So much for updating often...

I had hoped to start updating on a regular basis, but that doesn't seem to have really panned out. I guess you folk will just have to settle for updating more often that I used to. I'm covering the front desk and don't really have a lot of work I can do away from my desk so here I am. I had a surprisingly nice holiday. I had really been crabby and stressed out leading up to the big Christmas celebration, but I pulled out of my funk sometime before New Years. Jesse and I really don't have any religious grounding anymore which just really leaves me feeling guilty and depressed during big religious holidays. I feel like a hypocrite and I hate that. God and I haven't really been getting along. I want to look more at Jewish practices but Jesse isn't at all keen on that. You would be surprised how hard it is to devote yourself to something when you have little support from you spouse. I also really want Emi to find a path that is right and good for her, but I don't really know how to that considering my undecided stance. Sigh. Emi did seem to enjoy the holiday experience and that's what made everything nice. Her little "surprised" face got a great workout. There was adorableness everyday. After Christmas I got to spend a whole week with her. I liked it, but I definitely do not see myself being a stay-at-home mom. I don't think it would be good for either one of us. We ended the year at Hava and Ryan's wedding. It was disorganized but fabulous! Even though I didn't have much to plan, after the last few months of showers and wedding prep, I kind of have post-nuptial depression. I really really miss Hava and Ryan and I even miss the e-mails from the other bridesmaids. I think Michelle and I might stay friends though and that would be cool. I'd like it if Wendy and I could do the same, but I don't think she's the stay in touch type so I'm not sure I can work that out. Now I've got to turn my attention to helping Jesse with his new job and getting myself into college. I am so excited about Jesse's job. It's at a place called UCS. They design software for high-end auto manufacturers and sellers such as Porshe and Ferrari. He has to wear a shirt and tye and it is all very grown up. We both have a really good feeling about this company. I also want to plan something for Mardi Gras so we can invite ourselves over to Hava and Ryan's for a weekend. Did I mention how much I miss them. It'll probably be better when Clarise gets back into town. I might feel better after LaBoDrinkie night tomorrow when I see Jessica for sure and Maybe Dana and Tiffany. So that is my big update. It is early enough in the month that you might even get another one before February. Oooooh, aaaah.

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