Thursday, December 15, 2005

Matters to discuss at Lunchtime

It is lunchtime and my office is soooooo quiet. I should be working but I am updating. I'm a bad employee, I guess. I am so happy to report that my husband got new job!!! He starts Jan 4 unless Microage fires him when he gives his notice. I am a little apprehensive of this new endeavor, but I guess we are al a little nervous when it comes to new things. The pay is better and the benefits are way better so I am very very happy. It's unfortunate this couldn't have happened sooner so that we wouldn't be scrimping through Christmas the way we are, but I really shouldn't even complain. I need to get my butt in motion though and buy Jesse's Christmas gift. I really really want to get him the new Calvin and Hobbes collection, but the price tag is so high... I guess that's what I hate about Christmas. I really do want to use this opportunity to get my friends and family things they want, but it is really hard. I broke the window in my car during the freeze last week and it just blew my budget (well that and the post Thanksgiving paycheck). Sigh. Why am I so whiny today? I should post about Emily and her incredible cuteness. she tried to flirt with Lauren's husband at the office Christmas party and I just about died. Here's a tip: you are defeating the purpose when you flirt while your mouth is overflowingly full of biscuit. Poor Will. He just wasn't as in love with her as Emily had hoped. It was great! I suppose now that I've announced our good news, I should get back to work. Everyone have a good pre-holiday week!J-

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