Wednesday, November 23, 2005


I'm covering the front desk again so I have a little time to update before the holiday. In reference to may last and slightly depressing post, Lisa's funeral was...weird. I had forgotten how secluded our friendship was. I'm not even sure if secluded is the right word. Soon after we met Lisa changed churches and we never went to the same school so when we were together it was usually just the two of us. I was not ever involved with her extracurricular activities or her other friends. I has no idea she had become a youth director at a nearby Methodist church. I was like being at the funeral for a stranger. I'm glad I went though because it sort alleviated the empty feeling that came in place of mourning. I didn't take advantage of the open casket either because I wasn't sure if she would look all that good after her wreck. There was, however, a large collage of her pictures and quotes. She wrote all sorts of funny and loving things and she had really become so pretty. You absolutely cannot imagine a smile like Lisa's. The little girl I knew was still there in the pictures and sayings too. I'm sure the service was really personal to those that had been with her these last few years, but that board really meant more to me than the funeral. There is really no good segway (sp?) between funerals and other life matters so I will now just blatantly state that I am now on facebook.That's about it for now. Happy Thanksgiving!

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