Monday, October 17, 2005

Have you missed me?

Hello hello! Actually, I don't know if I even have people who read my live journal anymore. It's so lively and all with my frequent updates and pictures etc. Life is pretty good right now. I still work with immature people but things seem to have gotten a little better the last few weeks. My favorite student, Clarise, quit and I miss her terribly. Really though, that was like a month ago. You know how it is when you get so behind in something that you stop doing it because it is impossible to ever get caught up? Oh well. We'll pretend that I update regularly and you all know exactly what is going on in my life. I spent almost all of this past weekend outside, which is so rare for me. Don't get too excited though, I didn't get any tanner. Jesse and I helped sod my parents new house. I can now tell people that I know how to sod a yard. I also know how badly a person hurts after leveling a yard and laying 8 palettes of sod. After we finished that Sarah and Emily and I went to our first Aggie football game of the season. Yay! I picked to go to the game we won! Poor Sarah drove four hours to help finish with the sodding in the hot afternoon sun. I felt so bad but we were so tired that we giggled the whole time we were together. Good times. Emi was so good too. She was an angel through the game so afterward we let her run around Kyle Field chasing her tennis ball. It was so cute! Her little steps are each so deliberate and she's such a trooper. Every time she falls (or runs into something and falls) she just gets up again without any crying. Sunday we went to our new little friend's house down the street. Lamar and Chad are really nice folks and their daughter, Emory, is such a trip. It is fun to watch the babies learn from each other. We tried to make homemade bubble from Dawn and water, but that didn't work out too well. Oh well, the girls hardly noticed. Emily has spent the last two days saying Bubos, which is adorable. I think I'll get a bottle to take with us to my grandparent's house tomorrow. I also heard from Ben this weekend. He has got some good stuff going for him in DC and called to tell me. It gave me a warm fuzzy. I hope it works out. Currently, I am wasting time because I am covering the front desk through lunch. We can never really seem to get it together with our student workers here. Sigh. I think that the people here might actually perform better under a more hands-on management, but that's just not Kevin's style. Since Kevin is easy-going I think a lot of the other management let things go undone because no-one is checking up on them or no upper management is complaining or something It's hard to describe, but everyone acts like things were better when the supervisors were more picky. Now that I've wasted time I had better try to be a little productive before I go to lunch. Hope everyone is getting some nice fall weather. Love, J-

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