Friday, September 30, 2005


  1. books:
    Okay admit loved Harry Potter too! Books are just awesome. I keep a list of books my friends mention in random conversation so I can pick them up later. Some day I will have a room with floor to ceiling windows, a fireplace, overstuffed furniture and hundreds hardback books.
  2. buildings:
    I really like to look at buildings. I think architecture really says a lot about a town and a person. My favorite thing about my trip to Las Vegas this year was that no two casinos are built alike, inside or out and the attention to detail is amazing.
  3. college:
    I am practically obsessed with college right now because I feel like a complete dummy half the time. A two-year degree just isn't cutting it so I am trying to get back into school. Hopefully though, as I am completing my Bachelors I won't be among the people casually talking about how they'll be making 70k upon graduation and that is a pretty good supplemental income. My husband and I make less than that together.
  4. crafts:
    I'm a crafty mom. Scrapbooking and remaking antiques and sewing....all that good stuff. Hopefully Emily will be into that stuff too.
  5. dance:
    I am a great dancer! Okay, not really. I do love to dance though. I wish I could take every type of dance lesson known to mankind. That's be cool.
  6. desserts:
    Don't lie, you want to eat dessert first too. My sweet tooth is enormous! Cheesecake is definitely my favorite, but I find I've become picky.
  7. movies:
    I'm too poor to actually go to the movies, but I do like them Cheesy romances, action comedies, dark comedies, super thought provoking. It's all good.

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