Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween

I know you are all shocked at my two updates so close together. Try not to get used to it; it may not last. I have found a little extra time to update while I cover the front desk at work. That's an issue I can't even begin to express my frustration towards. However, I am not updating to complain, I'm updating to let you all know that I do indeed have a life and I went to the most fabulous Halloween party on Saturday. Being a little strapped for costume cash, I chose to go as an Urban Cowgirl. I looked cute as did my friend Jessica who was a beer wench and Clarise,who was "Nurse Goodbody." You can go to Click on pictures and then Halloween 2005. If you scroll through you'll find me posing with Dr. Mindy and her patient, Sam, and Jessica. Yes, I am making a dorky kissy face. At the time, I thought it would come out cuter. Eventually I hope to remember to send my pics to Jim so those can get posted too. There is a few of me doing my first shot block with a carebear - so funny! It was just all kinds of good times and Jess ended up knowing more people there than I did. I definitely vote Rainbow Bright, the Dominatrix and Heidi from Tool Time as the best costumes! Tonight is more Halloween celebration, but of the kiddie kind. I made Emi a poodle skirt and hopefully we can solicit a sufficient amount of compliments and candy. I am excited. Keep your fingers crossed that the rain will hold off until after 8:00 pm. Happy Spooking! J-

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