Monday, May 2, 2005


I can't beleive I'm actually bored at work. Usually I have a lot to do, but doing payroll is the most life-sucking job ever. Seriously, on the weeks payroll is due I total numbers until my eyes hurt and my brain is numb. On weeks that payroll is not due, I am so tired of totaling numbers that I don't want to do anything. You seriously do not use your brain in this position. It is all adding and data entry. Tee only reason I keep making stupid mistakes is because I am in a hurry - just like all normal people who have to do second grade math I cannot wait until cross training is over and I can get back to my travel. Also, I secretly think Amy is sabotaging me. Well, now that al that is out, I feel a little better. Things seem to be going pretty well. Emily is a dream. She's so big now, with all her crawling and trying to feed herself and sometimes being cranky because she's getting new little teeth. She chatters all the time now that she's got the tubes in her ears. Being a mom is nice. This month promises to be pretty busy I feel like I have a real social life. I have been invited to two weddings and Jesse says we can go to both, so that's a treat. Yesterday I threw a little birthday party for my mom. Parties with my family are so boring - sit around for two hours with my parents and grandparents and eat cake and open presents. Whoopie. They seem to think that is nice, though This next weekend is Mother's Day so we'll do it all over again. That makes four events in one month. This year is my first official Mother's Day.I guess I should be excited, but seriously, Emily doesn't have a clue what's going on and it's not like she's going to to make me anything. It'll be cool when she is older and can make me some crazy macaroni art that's been spray painted gold or something. We have a paint your own ceramics place here in town and I think that kind of stuff is really cool. Someday Emi will be old enough to take so we can make a mug for her dad. That'll be awesome! I got my mom and Beth some really cool vases and I ordered my Grandma a beautiful flower arrangement. The arrangement is by this lady here in town and I recommend her to everyone in BCS. You can got to and see her stuff. It's really original. I even once had her do an arrangement and I flew it to MO for Jesse's grandmother when she was sick a few years back. I suppose I should be out of here by now. I'm really sort of milking the clock (which is bad) and my conscience is starting to get to me. Call your mothers, J-

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