Thursday, May 13, 2004

Doctors and Babies and Calories and Such

The third trimester is here. I will be 30 weeks pregnant tomorrow. Can you believe it? I can't. I went to the doctor yesterday, which did not go as well as I had hoped. They are concerned with my weight gain (I'm putting on 2 pounds a week, bringing my total gain to 22 pounds) and want me to start watching my calories. I have never counted calories in my life! So far today I have counted 755. I'm not really even sure how much I'm supposed to have. One article I read said to take my pre-pregnancy weight and multiply by 12 to get the proper calorie intake That means I should have 1368 calories a day and I am already more than halfway there with just breakfast (cereal with raisins, milk, and half a bagel with cream cheese). Does that seem messed up to anyone else? I also have a bacterial infection which COULD cause my membranes to rupture (my water to break) early. It's in a really early stage though so we aren't all that worried Still, it kind of sucks to have something new to worry about. Lastly, I am anemic again and have to take iron twice a day. At first the doctor got onto me for not taking my iron anymore and letting myself get like this and I'm like "whoa doc, I take an iron supplement every night on top of my prenatal." So at that he raised his eyebrows and said "take two and increase your fiber." Really, though I still feel pretty good. I'm getting some pressure at work about what's going to happen while I take time off to have the baby and it's sort of disheartening. My boss is way encouraging, but some of my coworkers, I think, are jealous of the time I get off and are saying some kind of mean things about it. I guess I'll do my best to make me and Jesse happy so we keep our household running smoothly. Screw the meanies. In other news , I was in Denton this past weekend to watch Hava and Ryan graduate. Such a nice couple! Ryan's family must adopt me and feed me chicken rice casserole and let me come to their nice house. It was a great Sat. Last night Miss Sarah came over for dinner. She's so sweet. We talked about her new apartment and getting her a job. She might be here the whole summer and that would be so nice. Hava will be extra enticed to come visit now! That's not it, but that's all I have time for. Y'all be good this summer! Love, J-

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