Monday, April 5, 2004


So many new puppies!! What girl does not love baby animals!? Even, better: they are not mine so I do not have to clean up the poopy. My friend Dennia just got a brand new chihuahua which she named Timmy. No one really likes the name Timmy (not even her) but it is the only thing she could settle on. I suggested Bosco. Anyway, Timmy came over and tried to play with Porter for an hour yesterday. Porter was totally obsessed with the puppy. He would not leave it alone. He herded it and cleaned it and rolled it over and stared at it. It was really cute, but sort of annoying. He was so intent on keeping Timmy in his sight he peed right on the back porch so he wouldn't have to take his off him while he walked to the grass! Later I went to see my parent who cooked me brisket while Jesse is out of town. Their 10 year old schnauzer just passed so they got two new schnauzers! They are the cutest little boys and only 5 weeks old. The mother dried up so the breeders sold them really early. Fritz and Hans are adorable. They are really playful and fight just like brothers should. Hans learned to bark last night and Fritz is trying to figure out which of his four legs is the best one to lift while he pees. Fritz is totally independent and tries to climb stairs and wander the house on his own. Hans (the bigger of the two) is way laid back and just wants to chill and play with socks. The funniest thing in the world is watching them eat. They just dive right in with all four feet and nose and tongue and get food everywhere! It's the greatest. And then I get to go home or Dennie gets to leave to go back to her life and I do not have to be kept awake at night by crying and defecation. I love this! Tiny furballs and big smiles, J-

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