Wednesday, March 24, 2004


I am totally throwing it in everyone's face that I was able to attend the best forum ever! Okay, I've never been to a forum before Monday night, but I can definitely say that I enjoyed attending my first one. We had a leadership forum at the George Bush library featuring David Carr, Dom Capers, Larry Dierker, Jim Nantz, and hosted by none other than former President George Bush Sr! Hell yeah! It was really good. I love working here! David Carr has got to be my new hero. I'm not big on football so I may be out of line, but it is such a nice change to hear a professional athlete talk about God and passion and good character and seem sincere as opposed to running his jaw then getting arrested for drugs or relations with a minor or something else disgraceful. I was truly inspired by everyone there (Okay mostly by the President, Carr and Nantz, but whatever). Yay for feeling inspired to be a good role model! Heroes to you all, J-

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