Wednesday, February 18, 2004

18 Weeks, well almost...

I decided that since I saw the Baby doc today it might be nice to give a little update. Maybe if I try to update after every appt. the stretch between entries will not be so long. But hey, it's not my fault it is so much more interesting to read about y'all's lives than it is to write about mine. Anyways... All is very well. I'm a little anemic, which was expected and easily fixed. Dr. Zivney says I should feel the baby in about 2 weeks. SO EXCITING! Jesse surprised me by showing up at the appt. He hates going and he hates how the doctor is always late and he hates how rude the nurses can be, so the effort he made today was a nice surprise. Yay for the tiny little person inside me. In April we will find out if we're having a boy or a girl. Weeee! Everything else seems to be going really well. My job is still fun even though I'm cross training on the world's most monotonous job. Vouchers Ugh! This weekend is Carrie and Clint's wedding shower. I'm excited because I've never been to a co-ed shower before, but I'm also pretty anxious. I know that most of the people who will be there allow me to tag along simply because they like Jesse so much. Carrie and Clint's opinion of me is pretty low. Kim and Nate will also be there. I still go through spells of hating them and being indifferent. Last week I hated them but this week I am indifferent. I faced them at their own apartment while Ben was here so I know it isn't going to be all kinds of drama on my part. Jesse, however, hates them all the time and hasn't had to put up with them in forever. All this rigmarole with C&C sort of brings up another problem. I have this friend who keeps kind of pushing me to the side. When we first started hanging out I thought we had a ton in common, but I guess she doesn't agree. It just kind of reminds me how different I am from other folks my age simply because I'm married. It'll be even more exaggerated once the kid gets here. I mean I don't even have friends call me up and just ask if I wanna go to the mall. It's just a little weird to me. All in all everything is going pretty well. And now I must get back to work. Later. Love, J-

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