Tuesday, February 3, 2004

So I'm at work which means I'll need to keep this short, but I promised and update so... It's weird: You'd think that with the pregnancy I'd want to update all the time so I could have a nice little chronicle of this all important once in a lifetime event to look back on. However, with some of my emotions running a little high I spend more time worrying about what might come out of my mouth than I do actually talking (or journaling as the case may be). I find I irritate rather easily, but I still spend a majority of my time in a good mood. (Strange don't you think?) Fun times have ensued though. My belly still seems small for having entered my fourth month, but I won't complain too much. I keep waiting to feel the baby. According to my book I should have felt it at 10 weeks, but no such luck. I rub my tummy all the time hoping to stimulate it into doing the same thing back (heehee). I am so excited! I want a girl...no a boy...no a girl...no a boy! I just want!

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