Monday, May 19, 2003

As it is with Sequals

Well, went to see Reloaded this weekend. Good movie, not great, but good. I have to say it left me rather unsatisfied. I personally wasn't left contemplating any new theories as with the first. Quite frankly I found their use of sound and special effects trivialized a lot of scenes that should have been important. I mean honestly, did anyone feel Neo was really threatened by the multitude of Smiths since it sounded more like he was bowling strikes than like a genuine fight scene? Also, there was so much foreshadowing and emphasis on stuff that never really played out. Surely someone else thought more was going to come from the kiss with Persephone. And they just totally ignored playing up the irony of Link's wife not wanting HIM to die. And really, did the digital orgasm add anything to the story? I guess I just expected more. Neo and Trinity make a hot couple though and, as always, Lawrence Fishburne rocked!

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