Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Because of me...

Yesterday I got probably the best compliment ever. I was helping a guy do a tax return. Many many people are unpleasant when doing their taxes which is why it's pretty much my job to deal with just about everybody who walks through the door because I have a knack for talking to people. However, this guy was extremely pleasant so it was easy for me to be nice. Anyway, when all was done and he was starting to go he turned back and told me had pleasant it had been working with me. He went on to say that working with people like me, good christian men and women of my caliber, made him believe that God still had good people in this world. The world was still good because of me. I went home at 5 and cried. I was thrilled. Just last year I actually denied any connection with God. I DENIED Him! Since then, I've rearranged my priorities, but I've been filled with questions and doubt these last few weeks. Yesterday, God knew I needed that man. So now pretty much everyone (not that anywhere close to everyone reads my stuff, but you know what I mean) knows how sentimental I am. They all know that I'm Christian, not atheist, agnostic, skeptic or Jew. I kinda wanted to hide it because I was afraid that certain people who I've been trying to impress may not want anything to do with me. But, I am what I am. I'll tell you what: I think I'm happier than three of those other types I listed.

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