Sunday, November 17, 2002

The Bug

Since Matt is the only friend I have who posts anything my veiw of the life of my friends is very limited, but what a life it seems to be. I've been stuck at home for the last three days with the flu and feeling a little lonely. I just seem to have caught the general funk bug, so forgive my jealousy. (Matt may scoff now because it appears he has had an emotionally rough week and feels any envy of his life is a waste.) However, I look at the journals he posts to which Hava, who never updates her journals, and other people respond with such deep and seemingly long-contemplated answers. I don't have that. Occasionally I will get into a deep, thought-provoking conversation with my love, but usually we're just too tired. Reading the ljs and their comments makes me sigh. You truly get to live the college experience. Theology, psychology, emotion, life! Perhaps you avoid the cliche of sipping coffe is a cozy cafe while dissecting statements once made by Socrates, but you have something that will probably be lost to me forever. I hope your conversations make your brain tingle. I hope every once in a while your friends outwit you and leave you speechless. I hope you grow. Appreciate it even while it frustrates you. Someday the chance to tingle and grow may be gone.Flu vaccinations and mochas to you all,JJG

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