Monday, February 7, 2011

Adventures in Decorating: Sloooow progress on Emily's Bathroom

I'm sorry blog updates have been so inconsistent lately.  Trying to do one thing at a time has not done too much to cure me of taking too much on. Guess we know next year's resolution...

Last weekend I spent some time spackling Em's bathroom.
Then I went back and spackled some more. Because of the fun. I also taped (until I ran out of tape).
I realize these pictures are of two different walls, but you can trust me - they both looked like a study in abstract art and white clay.

On to priming! Because we suspected mildew was starting to stake a claim in the un-vented bathroom, I used Kilz as a primer.
*On a side note, who doesn't put a vent in the bathroom? I swear this is a house of oddities.  Adding insult to injury, the downstairs bathroom -the one WITHOUT a shower- has a vent fan.   Seriously, people?)
Back to the actual priming. My husband is awesome.  He bought me a low odor Kilz product for small spaces. Kilz is less awesome.  I "primed" the wall and in return the wall started peeling:
This is the wall across from the window and mirror - the one with the toilet paper dispenser mounted directly under the towel bar
Ooooookay. Well, that sucks. So I scraped and spackled some more before priming again, this time with a stinky latex-based Kilz.Stay tuned to find out the train-wreck that resulted directly from that decision.

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