Monday, January 31, 2011


A couple weekends ago, when my friend Sarah came to town, we went to the Festival of Chocolate. As far as festivals go, it fell short. Way short. But in the realm of chocolaty content, this festival reigns supreme. There were cakes and cupcakes, cookies, a chocolate fountain, chocolate-filled crepes, brownies, biscotti,  hot cocoa, dipped fruit...The list goes on. Oddly enough, when surrounded by chocolate you actually stop noticing it. I think it is some sort of sensory self defense.

So, imagine, you are swimming in three stories of chocolate. What would this confection have to do to really grab your attention? Well, it might disguise itself as jewelry.
photo by me

Ugh, my photo doesn't even begin to capture it.  You guys, these chocolates literally sparkled.
photo from
If I didn't know better I would have thought it was some sort of glasswork.

And the flavors?  Oh we are so not talking about your run-of-the mill caramel filling. Above are the individual photos (left to right) for Passion Fruit, Coffee Caramel, and Port with Fig and Plum.

This beauty?
 PB&J, "milk chocolate and peanut butter with bits of peanut brittle topped by a blend of 3 jellies."

How about Biscotti with your tea?
"A layer of milk chocolate infused with honey and anise on top of a layer of crushed biscotti cookies."

If you need to get away, go tropical.
Tropical Caramel, "caramel of passion fruit, mango, and coconut in a white chocolate shell."

Is your mouth watering yet?  In my neck of the woods, you can get your artisan chocolate fix at William Dean Chocolates in Largo. And, SURPRISE, you can also get them in my tiny hometown of Bryan, Texas by stopping by Truman Chocolates. Or you can go online and have WD or Truman ship you a box of  handmade fabulousness. You read that right:

Chocolate doesn't quite float your boat? I can't imagine why, but WD has other tasty goodness to offer such as pretty candy bars, pate de fruit, and popcorn. All made from scratch.
Sign me up!  Can you imagine getting a box of these for Valentine's Day? Maybe giving them as groomsman gifts? Or because your wife cleaned the house? Yes please!

Unless otherwise noted, photos are from
Also, William Dean and Truman did not in anyway sponsor me or this post.  But I would not turn them down if they decided to.

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