Monday, November 1, 2010

A Spooktacular Weekend

Despite having contracted a head cold of unusual duration, I had a great Halloween weekend.

Things got off to an eerie start on Friday night when I tried to make French toast for dinner and my eggs would. not. crack. It reminded me of that scene in Ghostbusters when stuff starts floating around Dana's kitchen. Luckily, our kitchen was not haunted so much as our eggs were frozen.  Still, it looked pretty creepy.
On Saturday we carved pumpkins. I've been present for many pumpkin carving endeavors, but I'd never done any actual carving. Those of you who know me know how graceful I am with a knife... Ben and Emily like to live on the edge, though.  It was a pretty good time despite all the "ewwww, pumpkin guts!"

 Have you ever seen a more beautiful smile?

How about these?

Emily was pretty eager for Sunday to get here.  She eagerly waited for Trick-or-Treaters guarded the candy bowl while I made dinner.
 And finally...FINALLY, it was time. You already know Emily went as Glinda, the Good Witch of the North. For his first year taking the kiddo Trick-or-Treating, Ben was kind enough to also dress with the theme.  He represented the Lollipop Guild.

Emily was thrilled, but he feels like he came off less "munchkin" and more "flamboyant used car salesman." I officially love my life.


  1. That Ben is quite the sport! I'd definitely buy a used car from him...