Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Making the house our home - Family Room for now.

With a great deal of effort (mostly put forth by Ben), we finally finished painting the family room. I even had time to "merchandise" it a little before my folks got here on Wednesday.  So here's what we have:
View from the eating area
As you can see, we've put the room to good family use.  The three of us spent most of Sunday and a great many hours yesterday playing with Legos. We built a track for our nano bugs complete with a castle. We plan to add cedar plank shelving on either side of the fireplace which is why that entire back wall is white.  Ben is afraid that the shelves and the slate blue would make that area too dark.  I tend to feel as thought it looks like we forgot to paint a whole wall.  What do you think?

Right next to the eating area is a set of built-ins.  They mostly hold board games, puzzles, and magazines, but I just couldn't stand so much blank wall and empty surface area. The handkerchief belonged to my great-grandmother, Evelyn.  She was a cracker jack of a woman and I always want a piece of her to be in my home.  The empty frame once held a pencil drawing of a fluffy white kitten way back when my age was in the single digits. That frame has seen it all.
The room is obviously far from finished, but this is pretty much all we can do right now.  I'd like to get an art desk like this one for Emily. She really needs a comfortable space for homework and projects.  Eventually we'll get a new couch for the living room and move our current couch down here. Some wing chairs would be nice. And we definitely definitely need a rug.

We'll get there. Some day. I hope.

In the meantime, that floor space is begging to be covered in Lego creations!

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  1. Enjoyed your pictures from Thanksgiving...looks like you guys had fun. The turkey looked amazing and I was jealous that you had the dinner outside! Also love the changes to your den. Can't wait to see it finished. Miss you...