Tuesday, June 5, 2007

I am NOT Pregnant

And can I just let out a resounding "whew!" I am not an irresponsible girl (most of the time). I am in a monogamous relationship, and a really good one at that. I am also on birth control. I hate it, but I am on it. I take it every night at about 10:10. So why the sudden proclamation of bun baking status? Well, I went to see Ben last month. Oh Ben *momentary pause for a slow smile and wildly beating heart*. Most of you probably don't care to know what Ben and I do during our one on one time and I have no plans to elaborate, but I'm sure you all can figure out how we pass some of our time. Okay, a good deal of it. During my visit I did not once deviate from my 10:10 pm regime. However, that regime also includes an antibiotic. Yup, I can see the realization creeping across the faces of you medical types. And I checked! Boy did I ever check to make sure that antibiotic would not interfere with that birth control. I went over it with my dermatologist after I spent time with Hava learning my ovulation cycle. And they told me it would not interfere. The internet tells a different story. The prescription bottle tells no story. The fear began creeping in before Ben's silhouette disappeared from view at the airport. It was a sleep depriving, knot forming fear. And, as it turns out, an irrational one. The NOT Pregnant indicator showed up on time. We all know how I like to worry about nothing. However, I emit a resounding "whew." I also give you a rather long journal entry about something that didn't happen, but I figure you can all suck it up and enjoy my relief with me. I think I'll treat myself to a drink.

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