Friday, June 8, 2007


on dogs:
Chihuahua is actually said "chi-wala" and if it is not a "chi-wala" it is not a dog. Period. Also, koala bears will just have to be called something else because they are not "chi-walas" either and whoever thought to call that particular animal such a homo-phonically similar name was just out of their freakin' mind. Forget suggesting she call it a marsupial, it'll take her so long to get the word out she'll forget what she is talking about in the first place.
on socializing:
E: Mama, I don' wanna go to Donna's and meet Mary.
J: Oh but baby, Mary is so fun! Why wouldn't you.
E: Well, I fink I member her so yeah. When I go to Donna's I will meet Mary. I meet people. Sometimes I do dat.(Okay, does that not just knock your socks off? I mean she says it like I would talk about getting a pedicure or going to Vegas - Yeah, sometimes I do that. Don't act surprised, it's just who I am.)
On fashion:
Simply, the world just looks better when one is wearing a "baby" suit. By the way, my big girl can now put her bathing suit on all by herself.

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