Friday, November 3, 2006

Here's to the liars and the cheaters...

Well kids, I think I've made a breakthrough. Maybe even, dare I say it, grown up a bit. See, I've been dating. Sort of.And it would seem that in the beginning, when Jesse first left, I had the very good luck of being sort of looked after by people who were respectable. Some were partiers, I won't deny that, but they always helped look after me, didn't really take advantage of how lost and lonely I was, let me cry and whine and call or come by at all hours, etc. But now...Ugh. I have gotten to a point with some people where I would rather be alone, nay long to be alone, instead of accommodate their company. I am fully aware that this is a rather snobby thing to say, but seriously. I am sick of boys who want our time together to be a secret. I am tired of being asked for blow jobs or fielding inquiries about my undertbritches. And for goodness sake, stop trying to kiss me and whip it out at the same time. No, bigger is not better. No, I do not NEED to have sex to make me feel better. UGH Is there no couth left in the world? I just want to scream. Seriously, I am better than this. I know I am. I deserve better. Respect the fact that I have a kid and no, I cannot just "put her to bed early." So not only am I more appreciative of my original support network, I am resolving to be more selective about my company. I have definitely interacted with some high caliber people and have enjoyed my time with them immensely. Okay, here's to the liars and the cheaters and drawing boundaries.

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