Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Treating myself

If you check the time of posting you know that I am supposed to be working. And I am. I'm trying to keep myself from getting too distracted so I've left an away message up on AIM and have instead opted to update Live Journal a little at a time to reward myself when I finish a task. Really it's better that I stay away from the instant messenger because I'm sure people are starting to get the idea that I don't do anything else all day long. Well, I sit at a computer all day...it's nice to see folk I like as opposed to some of the folk I work with to help break up my day. I swear the next job I get will not be a desk job.This past weekend was fabulous. This is not to say that life is perfect, but at least the weekend came pretty close.Friday night was a little father's day celebration with my parents and grandparents and my Emily. She obviously stole the show so fun was had by all. I got to give my dad the Dat Nguyen autograph that I made a complete fool of myself to get. The making a fool part was worth it though because I think he really liked it. After dinner I headed home to put the baby to bed and fix my damn carpet (grrrr). I meant to get stuff done and go to bed early but I was up a little late prepping for the next day and my big RIVER TRIP!I LOVE the river. I love it so much I think I will petition to have summer school textbooks made waterproof so I can float and study at the same time. I had a sort of rocky kid swap w/ Jesse, but after that the day just took off. The drive to New Braunfels was beautiful despite the rain. The music was good, the conversation good, the scenery good. All in all I felt Clare and I got some good bonding time in on both the drive there and back even if I got a little annoying with all my comments about marketing 309 (oops). We made it to New Braunfels after a little um detour and put in at about 1:15. We had a group of about 12 and it was FANTASTIC. The water was freezing, he drinks cold and the day hot. Three hours of complete relaxation. It was good to see Mindy and Sam even if Sam didn't remember me and I barely know Mindy. She's just one of those people that has only been around for the good times so I always associate her with being happy and having fun. Plus, she''s just good people you know? Sarah was also there so the whole Janice/Clare/Mindy/Sarah parallelogram got some closure. That whole deal was just weird incidence of 7 degrees to Kevin Bacon and it made me laugh.So you'd think after my first big float I'd be exhausted, but no. The drive home was punctuated by a phone call from Clare's nurse clan so we invited ourselves to my happy place for Kerie's 21st birthday party. Of course we could not show up empty handed, but we knew Kerie would be well supplied with the required 21st birthday alcohol quota. What to get her..? Clare suggested panties. Well of course! What else. THus was the beginning of a whirlwind shower/dress/shop and go mission. We hit the house about 10 and didn't stop until 4. I was introduced to power hour and beer pong. I like the beer pong better than the power hour. May I also say that I looked particularly cute in Clare's red(ish) halter and my jean skirt? Perhaps I mayn't but I think I will. Nonetheless, I felt like a hottie which made me rather flirtatious despite my restraint in the alcoholic beverage consumption department. I attracted some unexpected attention. Interesting. I had to fend off compliments (ugh) and then.....a proposition? Where did that come from? I will admit that it felt good and the no was a little hard in getting out. More than a little hard. I've never really had that and the way it made me feel... I'm sure it was just the beer goggles though. But the things he said... and the fact that he came back after the first no...I should probably find that creepy, but I rather like persistence and to be the object of pursuit is completely new to me. I definitely throw myself 100% at the things I want so I've never really been pursued. Perhaps I was due. In any case, on Sunday a rather embarrassing situation revealed that he has a girlfriend and lying was the theme of the night.The party dwindled around 4 leaving the boys, Clare and yours truly. I got all ready for bed just to be soaked by Jim in the rain. I do love being in the rain if it means I can change into dry clothes. So I changed a second time (Thanks Jacob) and we all chilled on the couches recapping the last few days. I love times like that. We finally headed to bed (Jim to his, Jacob and I to his, and Drew and Clare to his) sometime before dawn. Everyone was rather run down and I'm sure went right to sleep, but it would have been nice to have another snuggle pile with the Drew and Clare. But alas, There was work and/or homework for the three of us on Sunday so sleep was a must. Jacob was really well behaved and has an amazingly comfy bed. I'm not sure if this is really something to advertise, but I may be the first person to sleep at least one night in each bedroom of that house.You guys are probably starting to think this post will never end so I think I'll wrap up. Breakfast, work, Jessica and homework were my day Sunday and I didn't end up going home until 8:30. I completed the weekend with the most amazing book ever and shut out the light at 11.Thanks and good night.

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