Monday, June 12, 2006

and isn't it ironic; don't ya think

The way the conversation went: "Oh, you're getting a new car?! That's great! What are you looking at?...I love Hondas! What color?....won't you look spiffy...that's really great. You'll save so much on gas."What immature Janice was screaming in my head: "You're getting a new car! You are getting a new car?! I spent two years getting you right side up on your Mustang and then bought you a new truck and then another new truck in the course of four years and I am still driving the 2-door car I bought in high school with the broken air conditioner, broken cruise control and peeling dash board. Not to mention I couldn't even drive any of your vehicles because we spent a total of 12 hours teaching me how to drive a standard. And now I'm going to end up taking a big loss on the house and you get to trade MY hard earned truck in on a brand spanking new car!!!!" So in reality I know that lower car payments, insurance, and gas expenses are going to be a big benefit to Jesse and in turn a big benefit to Emily. The situation is actually very funny. It's like something you would read in a Cathy comic and will someday make great material for my great American novel, but a pout and foot stomp is still a little bit in order.

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