Tuesday, January 10, 2006

And here I am again

My LJ fans are getting so spoiled - all two of you. Lauren is sick this morning so I am covering the front for a few hours. I've been productive though so it is going by fairly quickly. Hopefully I can go back to my desk soon so I can have a snack. I'm starving and not quit sure I'll make it until my 1 o'clock lunch.Dana and Stuart came over last night because their Christmas gift FINALLY came in. We got them a bottle of Crown Royal and had the bag personalized. At first I thought Stuart hated it or was insulted but he gave us hugs so I guess it wasn't too bad. They had to leave early so they could go pick up a suit for Stuart to interview in today. He is at his third interview so I hope all goes well. I've seen Dana three out of the past four days and I think I need a little break from her. Sometimes she just rubs me the wrong way. She really embarrassed me at La Bodrinkie and i really wanted to say something, but Jesse talked me out of it. He suggested I try to get her to talk about her problems instead so I took her to the mall where she called me snippity because I got a little sarcastic with her. Then at dinner last night Stuart was talking about a client named Nathaniel and we figured out he was talking about Nathaniel BEAR and it was al just crazy. That really doesn't have anything to do with Dana, but some of you will understand why that would bring my evening down.Emi was so cute last night. She has been so tired lately, but not wanting to go to bed. Usually this would result in having a fit, but she's just wanted to stay up late and cuddle. Last night was a little rough because we made her go to bed on time after actually cuddling with her late over the weekend. She was still super cute! I love my kid.The big event of the weekend was me resubmitting y TAMU app. I'll need all kinds of luck to get in and then more luck to help me afford it. I just keep telling myself it will be best in the long run.Hoping for the best (I think),J-

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